The Lipeace Diamond Gallery offers an unparalleled custom design experience

At the Lipeace Diamond Gallery, we are pleased to help
celebrate  the important  milestones of your life , or your
wedding engagement,by designing exquisite pieces that
truly represent you!
our graduate gemmologists,and seasoned jewellery designers
would be happy to help you create a unique jewellery piece –
one that becomes an extension of  your  individual  style  and
personality. Lipeace Diamond Gallery’s showcased collections
of platinum and 18 karat gold jewellery will spark your imagin-
ation, and help you begin the exciting process of working with
your own personal jewellery designer. 
Our approach is  to fuse first - rate expertise , with the finest in
custom European craftsmanship.The Lipeace Diamond Gallery
is proud to offer world class jewellery design for discerning
clientele, in a wide range of price options.


My experience at the Lipeace Diamond Gallery was
spectacular! Lora worked with my fiancé and I to bring in the
perfect diamond and design the ring of my dreams.
The customer service was outstanding ; " Lora " and the entire
staff at the Diamond Gallery were knowledgeable , patient and
courteous . I  could  not  be  happier with my engagement ring
and look  forward  to working with them again for my wedding
band and future jewellery purchases.” 
– Stebastian K.


Diamond Four Cs

Diamonds and gemstones are among the world’s greatest treasures.By understanding the secrets of the Four C’s the way a gem dealer does, you will acquire the confidence to buy premium quality , at a great value.As an educated consumer, there is a very simple and non technical opportunity for you to choose a diamond that you can be pleased with.

  • Lighting

    At the jewellery counter, look up. Store lighting plays a huge role in presentation. Be wary of low voltage (miniature) and intense white light used in many stores ( some lighting will
    artificially tint the diamonds blue). They artificially improve the cut and colour of diamonds. Ask the jeweller to let you move back about 6 feet away from the showcase, holding the diamond. A finely cut gem will still show its fire, and  ‘dance’ on its own as you rotate it. A fair, below average or poor cut will loose its beauty and look somewhat murky.

    Room Colour

    Suspicious jewellers can easily camouflage low colour & low cut diamonds by using yellow, brown, or generally dull walls, flooring or ceilings, as well as with intense overhead lighting. This technique can make a K colour diamond look like a G. Buyer beware.


    Consider the stores’ environment, staff, presentation and packaging. You are acquiring some of the rarest treasures in the world.Does the stores’ ambience reflect the significance of your purchase? When the jewellery needs after-sale service, would you be proud to have the recipient return to the store?


    Most diamonds now come with a gemmology appraisal report stating the quality analysis. While the gemmology report is a good service, the analysis is usually only an opinion of its quality. Gemmologists are not regulated to ensure accuracy in their analysis. As a result, approximately 60-75% of quality gradings are bumped 1-3 grades to make the sale.
    Be sure to ask for the jeweller’s professional credentials,as this vital information will indicate their expertise. Well trained professionals have their diplomas available to view – expect it from your jeweller, or walk away!



Lipeace Pearl Gallery

At Lipeace Pearl Gallery, we're one of the European leading pearl importers with a huge selection of stock.This enables us to give one of the best ranges of pearls you'll see all at fantastic prices.
Prices on the high street can easily be 50% higher, although be
wary of other online retailers offering deep discounts that are usually too good to be true! Vastly inflated RRP's are everywhere online in the jewellery trade, items with RRP's of several times the selling price are common but the true value is going to be much closer to the price paid.
Also bear in mind when comparing price with the American web sellers, some do have even addresses but still ship from America – make sure you factor in duty and 20% V.A.T. on the final price, not to mention the loss of the right to return.

We are unique!

We can offer direct prices on our Cultured Pearls, as the size
of our operation means we can bring in the best pearls direct from the farms, and assemble everything in our workshops.
Our constantly changing ranges include special sets of Pearl Earrings , Pendants and exquisite ranges of bridal jewellery.


The ultimate shopping experience for jewelry products with price and quality lifetime
guaranteed.Our talented in-house goldsmiths and designers can help you to visualize
and create distinctive, one-of-a-kind jewelry that you will treasure and adore.


 Lipeace Gem Gallery

 We also offer a private line of jewelry that emphasizes our beautiful Jelly opal found
 only in czech republic. Whether you are looking for a custom heirloom piece, your
 perfect engagement ring , a treasure to take home with you or just a repair on your
 favorite necklace, The Lipeace Gallery is your local jeweler . Come in or call today
 to see the most impressive line of Jelly Opals and custom jewelry in Lipeace LLC.




 The opal that is mined today was formed in volcanic rock millions of years ago and
 deposited in vacuums that were left by the formation of gas bubbles in rock fissures.
 As silica solidifies from a gel to tiny spheres with water being trapped in them, the
 light that passes through the water and breaks into a myriad of colors forms the stone
 which is called the opal.
 The fiery colors that play across the opal are distributed across the stone, even
 though the body of the stone itself can be transparent and white, reddish or black.
 The clear white stone is called the crystal or jelly opal while the dark colored opal is
 known as the black opal and is said to be most valuable of the lot.

 The Color of Opals

 Opals are very famous because of their multi-colored effects and their often dazzling
 array  of colors . The colors seen in opals represent every color of the rainbow. The
 amazing colors are caused by the interaction of light in the stone's small cracks and
 due to stone's many natural impurities. If you see some pearly or milky appearance
 on opals , this is because of the presence of tiny gas bubbles . The red and yellows
 betray the abundance of iron oxides.The beautiful black opal can sometimes appear
 green , blue or red , this is caused by the magnesium oxides and carbon within the
 opal.Possibly the most valuable opal is the harlequin,it is a large stone with angular
 patches of yellow, red and green and it resembles the checks on a clown's dress.

Meanings of the Opal

The opal represents love and hope according to the ancient Romans. The opal is
sometimes called the Anchor of Love.Legend states that it fell from the sky in flashes
of lightning. Ancient civilizations say that it makes the wearer powerful by being
invisible. The opal was also a popular amulet of spies and thieves.

During the Medieval Age, if the opal changes its color, it was believed that the owner
was either ill or in good health. The gemstone was also used to maintain a strong
heart, for protection from infection , as a cure for fainting, and as an air freshener.